Library Journal Review of Diary

I fully admit that I’m a complete dweeb when it comes to reviews for my books. Will people like my story? Will it be well received? Will they wonder if I’m totally nuts? I go through the whole self-doubts gamut of emotion.

My first mystery novel, Diary of a Confessions Queen, is due out in February and reviews are beginning to come in. I also fully admit that I’ve been very nervous about this book simply because I had never written a mystery before. Library Journal has reviewed it in their January 2010 issue and I’m thrilled (and relieved they didn’t once mention the author’s mental health). Here’s a snippet:

From Library Journal: Mystery fans who enjoy bright women working through their problems and solving crimes along the way will love Amy. Carmichael (Hot Flash) knows how to deliver a zinger of a tale with plenty of action.

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