About Kathy

Welcome to the world of Kathy Carmichael where there are evil dust bunnies and troublesome trolls lying in wait around each bend, ready to make you laugh and smile and discover your inner child.


When Kathy grew up in North Dallas, the area wasn’t developed as it is now. Across the street from her home were woods thick with trees and ivy, and a white-chalk creek. There were fairies beneath rocks and pretend people hiding under bushes. She spent much of her childhood telling herself and neighborhood children stories of knights and magic and beautiful damsels.

Although the setting has changed from untamed suburbia to contemporary locales, she’s still spinning tales of modern day knights and beautiful damsels and the magic of the heart.

Now Kathy lives on the Florida West Coast with her husband, two sons, two cats and a huge collection of dust bunnies. She’s often seen with her nose stuck in a book or scribbling madly on a scrap of paper when she’s not attending one of her sons’ activities.

Kathy believes one of the most important gifts you can give your children (and dust bunnies) is to read to them. She’s doing her best to pass on a love for the written word and hopes each of her readers will do the same.

Charities Kathy supports (and hopes you will, too)