Day Trip to Charleston, SC

In addition to writing on the beach, Ali, Hannah and I also went on a research trip to Charleston, SC. Love, love the city. One of our first stops was lunch at the awesome 82 Queen Restaurant. This photo is from just inside the courtyard. Love the owl on the roof 🙂

The food was fabulous, but so was the view and I’m not talking about the courtyard. Seated nearby was actor/comedian Bill Murray. Since we’d only seen him on screen before, both Hannah and I were surprised by how tall he is. And he’s even more handsome in person!

After lunch we took a bus tour of the city, then toured one of the beautiful historic homes.

That evening we ate dinner at a great restaurant in the Market area before returning to Myrtle Beach. It was a fun day with lots of great fodder for future books for each of us!

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