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Blogging at Yankee Romance Reviewers

For anyone who’s interested, I’m blogging today at Yankee Romance Reviewers and there will be a give-away of 2 autographed copies of HOT FLASH 🙂 Also, I found another great review of HOT FLASH at The Romance Readers Connection! Here’s a snippet: “This witty and hilarious novel was thoroughly enjoyable!” — Rista Tompkins Continue Reading

Andrew’s Graduation

Pictured above are Ian on the left and Andrew on the right. John and I were truly proud and delighted to watch Andrew graduate from Police Academy last night!! Here’s a photo of Andrew and me 🙂 John took more photos and once I can steal his memory card, I’ll upload more. In the meantime,… Continue Reading

Novel Thoughts Blog

Please come join me today on the Novel Thoughts Blog. My heroine is being recalcitrant (stubborn shoulda been her middle name) and I need the support! If you make a comment on the blog, you’ll be entered for a drawing to win a copy of HOT FLASH 🙂 Tonight my son graduates from Police Academy.… Continue Reading

Three chapter preview of HOT FLASH

Medallion Press has made the first three chapters of HOT FLASH available as a free read on their website. Click here to read. There’s also an MP3 interview with me on their site, too (I was just catching a cold and sound like I’m a throw-back to the dinosaur era — but Paul sounds really… Continue Reading