Writing Articles and Workshops


Writing Articles and Workshops

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  • Popular lecturer on the craft and business of writing, award-winning author Kathy Carmichael has compiled many of her workshops and articles in this first volume of her Fast, Easy, Painless series. A number of these articles appear on her website, but new material includes: Turning your Talents into Income, Characterization and Viewpoint, helpful information about searching for a literary agent, and more.

    Featuring a Foreword by Vicki Hinze, Who’s Who in the World recipient (author and educator) and award-winning author of One Way to Write a Novel and Forget Me Not.

    Workshops and articles included in Volume 1:

    Writing Craft
    Strengthening Your Manuscript for Contests (and Editors!)
    Recipe for Writing
    Characterization and Viewpoint
    How to Improve Story Dialogue
    How to Give Your Reader that Ah! Ending
    Considering Tickling a few Funny Bones? Writing Humor
    Recommended Reading List
    Business of Writing
    Warm Up Your Pitch (Writing the Story Blurb)
    In-person Pitching Tips
    Query Letter Basics
    Turning Your Talents into Income
    Tips for Finding a Literary Agent
    Characteristics of Bad Agents
    Recommended Websites
    Banish the Unpublished Writer Blues
    The Writer’s Voyage
    A Writer’s Life: Hurry Up and Wait

    “Clear, concise, and easy to follow. Kathy Carmichael’s writing articles will streamline the process toward getting published.”
    –Kimberly Llewellyn, award-winning author of I Want to Be an Author: Now What?

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