Take Your Child To Work Day (or my chance to escape from school on a Thursday!)

Today has been quite the interesting day, indeed.

I first learned how to make some delicious brew known as coffee, because. . . And I quote, “No matter where you work in your life, Ian, you’ll always be popular if you know how to make good-tasting coffee.”

The next couple of things in my line-up for today included: Sipping coffee without scorching your upper lip. Taking my mom’s work and cutting out unneeded/over-used words in one of her current novels, Marrying Up.

Next I read over Mom’s synopsis of another one of her books, The Marquis Who Annoyed Me (my Personal Favorite of her current books in the works). It involved cutting out paragraphs and sections that needed some doctoring, trying to reach her goal of 10 pages in length. Finally, I’m here. . .

Typing this in Word Perfect as I’m sitting in her cushioned chair that’s straightening out my back in the most unusual way. I’m wearing my blue checkered robe, blue jeans and fuzzy slippers. Also I can’t forget to mention the day-old stubble napping on this, my 14-going-on-15-year-old face of mine, with sleep in my eyes.

If you’d like to see photos of me at work, click HERE. This is an example:

Ian editing synopsis

Thanks and please comment on my post! – Ian

4 Responses to Take Your Child To Work Day (or my chance to escape from school on a Thursday!)

  1. Ian, can you come work for me tomorrow? I have some revisions to do and you sound like you do them well. (And you should start your own blog!)


  2. Ian…
    Way cool! I’m looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Sounds like Take your child to work day was very successful for you. No school…yeah!

    Great pic!

    Aunt Terri

  3. Hey Ian – cool robe! I’m very jealous, I don’t get to work in my robe and fuzzy slippers. But then again, I never tried showing up looking that way. I wonder what would happen?

    I like your post. Sounds like you inherited a gift for words. When is your first novel coming out?

    By the way, you are looking quite studly and manly these days. You are so handsome, I bet you are having to beat the pretty girls off with a stick, huh?

    love you,
    Auntie Robin

  4. Yeah, Yeah.. Thanks for the posts everyone! And yes, I am having to beat off the girls with sticks, martials arts, ect.

    Bow down to me,