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Anything to avoid housework

Today I’m working on a new blurb for my latest book. I use it for submitting, as a hook for my synopsis, and should it sell, as the blurb I send out to reviewers and the public. If you haven’t tried my interactive pitch generator, click here. After finishing the blurb, I have to write… Continue Reading

Lady Peas Make My Heart Sing

Today was gardening day! Our vegetable garden is approximately 7 feet wide and 12 feet long. Hubby John began turning the soil, then handed off to Ian. Once the soil was prepared, John and Ian planted 3 pepper plants and 6 tomato plants — of multiple varieties. They are having a contest over whether the… Continue Reading

Take Your Child To Work Day (or my chance to escape from school on a Thursday!)

Today has been quite the interesting day, indeed. I first learned how to make some delicious brew known as coffee, because. . . And I quote, “No matter where you work in your life, Ian, you’ll always be popular if you know how to make good-tasting coffee.” The next couple of things in my line-up… Continue Reading

Happiness Is . . .

I’ve been having a fabulous time this week because I’ve been reading/critiquing manuscripts from various friends. The first one, an incredible Medieval by Denise Lynn, is a total powerhouse. She’s such a talented author! Check out her current book, Book 2 in her Falcon’s series, titled FALCON’S HONOR on The second is the first… Continue Reading