Wonderful visit to Louisville, KY!

Last month I had a great time speaking at the Louisville Romance Writers. They are a great group of writers and I enjoyed meeting them!

Speaking to LRW provided me with a wonderful opportunity to visit with my dear, darling, fun and fabulous friend, Anne Peabody Chism. She’s pictured above in front of her awesome Clara Belle’s Upscale Resale Shop in Louisville. Since I’m planning a book set around a resale/antique store, this was a perfect opportunity for me to do a little research (okay, to snoop!).

This is her rocking chair nook. Doesn’t it make you want to find a chair and start rocking?:

This photo speaks for itself:

I hadn’t seen Sandie Melton in years and she’s just as beautiful and young looking now as she was when we were in our twenties.

Can’t wait for my next visit to Louisville!

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