Wheel of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune Auditions were held at Derby Lane in Saint Petersburg, Florida, on Friday, March 21, 2008. Here’s a photo of me with Vanna and Pat.

My author friend, Tara Randel, and I decided to check out the Wheelmobile Wheel of Fortune event. The crowds were enormous. We arrived a little early, yet there were a zillion people ahead of us in line.

Here’s a photo of Tara:

We each filled out the information sheets so that we’d have a chance to audition. Attendees were divided up into three groups. In our group we guestimated somewhere between 600-1000 people. Approximately 40 names (out of our group) were drawn randomly and sadly neither of us were chosen (can you believe it?!). Unfortunately, because of the crowds or perhaps the venue, we weren’t able to see much of the auditions.

However, we still had lots of fun people watching. Even better, we followed up the evening by eating yummy Mexican food!

2 Responses to Wheel of Fortune

  1. Hey, I know you’re short, KC, but I had no idea Pat & Vanna were so tall! *g*

    That’s too bad you didn’t get selected. I was about to get excited that somebody I know was going to be on Wheel of Fortune.

  2. LOL! No snide remarks about my height!

    I was sadly disappointed not to have a chance to audition. I’m perky (no snide remarks about my perkiness, either). I’m good at the game. ::sigh::

    I mainly went because today is the anniversary of my mom’s death and Wheel of Fortune was her favorite TV show. I’m sure she was there with me in spirit! She adored Vanna White and thought she was the ideal for style, beauty and grace — KC