New Spooktacular Novella!! Your Magic Touch

I’m really excited because my new Halloween-themed novella, YOUR MAGIC TOUCH, is now available exclusively on Kindle.

Here’s the link to Your Magic Touch on Kindle.

I had so much fun writing this riff on gothic romance and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it, too.

A haunted mansion. Secret passages. Ghosts. A catacomb-like basement.

In this gothic spoof novella, three elderly wizards must make a successful love match or they will be sent to the Olde Majiks Home. Their last attempt at matchmaking failed miserably and their magic is rusty. Are they supposed to forward a match between tabloid reporter Frannie Fielding and the mysterious Sinclair Haliday? Or is Frannie to be matched up with Sinclair’s wealthy cousin, Harrison Haliday? If the wizards get it wrong, their dreaded fate will be sealed as will Frannie’s.


Novella — Approximately 106 print pages

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