New on Kindle

I’m going to be giving a workshop called Turning Your Talents into Money at the Space Coast Writers Conference in late January. I’ve been collecting information for this workshop, but most of it has been second-hand rather than primary.

Specifically, I have been collecting information on self-publishing e-books. As a result, I decided to add one of my books to Kindle. The book I chose is one of my favorites and is based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. If you’ve ever heard of a locked-room mystery, I consider this a locked-room romance. It was so much fun to write! The book is Angel Be Good.

I had previously offered Angel Be Good as a fund-raiser for the Humane Society, so it seemed like the perfect book for this experiment since it had already been professionally edited and formatted for e-publishing. It had also been given positive reviews by several online book review sites.

I created my own book covers using public domain stock photography. I’m not saying I did a very good job at this, but again, this is an experiment. I created two different covers — the first features an angel and the second Christmas ornaments. I originally uploaded the first, but hopefully the second will replace it shortly. Here is the Angel cover:

Which cover do you like the best?

Click here for the the link to the Kindle page.

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