Liferly Update

I keep collecting photos and ideas to post to my blog and then life gets in the way. So I’m posting this now 🙂 Pictured above is a photo from the Winter Luncheon sponsored by the Friends of the Clearwater Library. This is a photo of the participating authors (l-r): Tim Dorsey, Fawn Gurmer, Jeff Klinkenberg, Kimberly Llewellyn, Hank & Ursula Bracker, Patrick Foley and KC.

Here’s my update:

Still planting lady peas (for the poster, from the seeds I collected the year before — I don’t know where to buy them. Lady peas aren’t the same as the other kind of peas you mentioned, sorry.)

Still a clean air breather (which means I quit smoking almost 2 years ago! Yay me!)

Still the Mommy of two sons (Andrew’s a jr in college and Ian is a sophomore in high school)

Still married to my Scottish honey

Still living an incredibly glamorous and exciting lifestyle

Still writing 😀

In the interim, when I quit smoking I gained weight. When I gained weight, my diabetes started acting up. I ended up on huge doses of insulin, but I’m being weaned off of it and as that progresses, I feel a LOT better! Hopefully I’ll soon be back to my normal weight (it’ll take awhile, but with less insulin, it will go faster than it has been!).

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