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2011 Sisters Trip — Part Three — Savannah, GA

Terri and I are pictured above in front of the fountain at Forsyth Park.

The first thing Terri and I did on Monday morning was to make for one of Savannah’s Squares in the historic district. Our hotel was located within walking distance of Johnson Square.

After grabbing breakfast at a wonderful cafe in the historic district, we headed to the Savannah History Museum where we purchased tickets for the trolley tour.

Again we were able to get on and off at will, which allowed us to cover a lot more territory than we would have been able to by foot or by car. Can’t recommend these tours enough! The only thing we wanted to do but simply couldn’t find time for was to eat at Paula Dean’s The Lady and Sons restaurant. Will be sure to plan for it on our next trip!

I didn’t know much about Savannah’s squares until I arrived and saw how beautiful they are and how they make the historic district stand out from other cities’. Since Terri has a masters degree in landscape design, this was the highlight of the trip for her and she took literally hundreds of photographs. I’m sharing only a very few. I am kindly not including the many, many photos she took of our hotel suite 😉

The city is enchanting. For a long time I’ve had a story idea and have been looking for the perfect location for the story. Savannah is IT. Don’t know when I’ll have time to work on this new story, but since visiting Savannah, bits and pieces of the story, the theme, the characters have all fallen into place. Just thinking about it makes me hungry to write 🙂

Information about Savannah’s historic district squares.

I can’t talk about Savannah and books without mentioning Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. Pictured below is a photo of the Mercer Williams House featured in the book.

After morning and lunch in Savannah, we headed to Orlando (about 6 hours away) for dinner with my son, then made it to my home on the west coast of Florida at around 1:00 AM.

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2011 Sisters Trip — Part Two — St. Augustine

On Sunday we spent the day in St. Augustine, FL touring everything we could in one swoop. We started the day with coffee on the beach (pictured above).

I completely fell in love with St. Augustine and hope to return soon with my hubby. What’s not to love about a beautiful historic city with wonderful shops, great restaurants, museums and old homes galore, surrounded by water? Lovely.

We bought trolley tour passes, which made it possible for us to visit so many places in one day. It was great to be able to hop on or off whenever we wanted to. And yes, WE DRANK FROM THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH — watch out world!

Old City:

Lunch at Scarlett’s:

Ceiling at Flagler College (Hotel Ponce De Leon):

Lightner Museum:

Oldest house:

Castillo de San Marcos — Canons firing!

Haunted lighthouse:

Next stop, Savannah, GA. Terri in the cool bath tub in our hotel SUITE at the Avia.

2011 Sisters Trip — Part One — Vilano Beach & St, Augustine

This year Terri and I did two cities in three madly fun days. I picked her up at the airport in Tampa and we drove directly to St. Augustine, FL where we spent the night at a hotel on Vilano Beach. Pictured above is the view from our hotel room.

That night we headed to the Old City where we had dinner, followed by the Ghosts and Gravestones ghost tour! Woooooo 🙂

Tomorrow, St. Augustine and our drive to Savannah, GA!

Brainstorming on the beach

Walking on Myrtle Beach 🙂

I’m at Myrtle Beach, SC with wonderful writing friends, Ali Cunliffe and Hannah Rowan. Here’s the view off our condo balcony.

We’re hoping to get lots of writing done while we’re here 🙂