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Non-Smoker as of Today!

I took the big step and made the decision to become a non-smoker as of today. In some ways it’s been much easier than I thought it would be, but I’ve heard that the mental addiction withdrawal becomes more powerful in a couple of days.

I’m looking forward to the challenge (she said timidly).

John helped me set up an exercise center in my bedroom. We moved in the treadmill (placed it directly in front of a window facing my side yard) and my other exercise equipment, yoga stuff, small weights. I have a lighted beach scene photo-box that has the sound of the sea and seagulls cawing. He’ll hang it beside the treadmill tomorrow, then I’ll be all set up. I’m hoping it’ll help keep off the extra pounds from quitting smoking. I’d told myself that if the cravings got bad, I’d hit the treadmill. The problem’s been that my cravings haven’t been strong enough to make me want to exercise!

I am very determined and having a fairly good time with it, although I set aside today to deal with “not smoking.” Tomorrow I’m planning to get back to work. I won’t be going out because I might become too cranky. I really don’t want to jump down someone’s throat! Well, I might jump down a family member’s throat — but that’s it. No TARA sisters, no strangers — KC

3 Responses to Non-Smoker as of Today!

  1. That’s funny, today I started smoking.

    Kidding. It was opium.

    Kidding again. Sorry.

    Good luck!

  2. Cute, Lost!

    And thanks. Now, just hold still while I stack this heap of lit cigarette lighters at your feet ;>

  3. As of Feb 6th, I’ve been a non-smoker for 9 months! I haven’t even had a puff 😀

    Now I have to figure out how to lose the weight I gained as a result of quitting! Yipes! — KC

Writing with Butterflies

Until very recently, I hadn’t given myself permission to write lyrically. I tend to strip my prose bare, even though I write to an internal metronomic beat. In the interests of constantly trying to improve my writing, I’ve begun exploring areas I previously feared. Perhaps because of a strong case of imposter syndrome, there were places I simply didn’t go.

So today I was determined to allow my inner poet to emerge while revising a partial.

I like what I wrote, but I don’t know whether or not it works. Does it sound like human-shaped padding added to a bone-dry skeleton? I’m unsure if the butterflies in my stomach are a =good= thing — KC

2 Responses to Writing with Butterflies

  1. Hey, Diana! I hope it’s a sign of taking risks and growing 🙂 Either that, or I did something really stupid when I sent it to my agent today 😉

Email Arrrgh!

For the past couple of days, I’ve been having email problems. I thought they were finally straightened out, but apparently not. Update! I think my email woes have been resolved!

Perhaps because of the email problem, I’ve had a very good writing day, so that’s the upside to this petty annoyance! And tomorrow my oldest son returns home from college for the summer. I’m very much looking forward to having my chickling back in the nest again. He says he’s looking forward to having meals cooked for him and not having to do his own laundry. I’m wondering if he’ll last the full summer!

Ya know, I’m wondering if =I’ll= last the summer! — KC

Anything to avoid housework

Today I’m working on a new blurb for my latest book. I use it for submitting, as a hook for my synopsis, and should it sell, as the blurb I send out to reviewers and the public. If you haven’t tried my interactive pitch generator, click here.

After finishing the blurb, I have to write a couple of suckopses (lucky me!). Hey, I guess it’s better than mopping the kitchen floor — KC

Lady Peas Make My Heart Sing

Today was gardening day!

Our vegetable garden is approximately 7 feet wide and 12 feet long. Hubby John began turning the soil, then handed off to Ian. Once the soil was prepared, John and Ian planted 3 pepper plants and 6 tomato plants — of multiple varieties. They are having a contest over whether the plants they each planted will grow faster than the other’s.

We also have two types of lettuce (half planted now, the other half will be planted in two weeks), then a third variety that likes Florida winters will be planted in the fall. I planted some flower seeds in the front yard and lady peas in our vegetable garden.

It’s sort of a joke that I insist on planting the lady peas. Each year my husband whines, “Not the dreaded lady peas!”

If you don’t have family from Arkansas, then you’ve probably never heard of them. The peas are a pale green, with a darker green eye and look like petite blackeyed peas. The flavor is incredibly wonderful and I’m surprised they never caught on nationally!

It feels very sentimental to plant lady peas because my grandmother had them in her garden. She knew they were a particular favorite of mine and always made me “a mess of them.” She passed away almost 27 year ago and I still miss her tremendously. Planting lady peas each year makes me feel as if she’s still a vital participant in my life.

So here’s a photo of our newly planted garden — KC

Veggie Garden

2 Responses to Lady Peas Make My Heart Sing

  1. Kat – I haven’t thought about lady peas in AGES! Sad how we forget. But I haven’t forgotten sitting in rocking chairs on Mama’s porch shelling peas until I got blisters on both my thumbs! Sounds odd, but its a good memory.

    love you,

  2. Lady peas! I just typed in the words and up you came. I’ve not been able to find them in forever. Occasionally I come across some gren acre peas or conk peas, as they are also called, and I think they must be the same thing or very similar to lady peas. My memories of them are so sweet. My grandaddy would pick them up at the farmer’s market in Montgomery Alabama and my grandmom knoew they were my favorite and would fix them every time we visited. She’d even send home a little container full for me. How in the world do you find them to plant and do you know if the green acre/conk/cream peas are the same? The flavor of lady peas is unique, I think. Thanks for bringing up the cherished memory.