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May is Celebration Month!

Wow. This month has been incredible. Not only did Andrew graduate from college, but he also applied for and got a part-time job at HSN. He starts Police Academy in the fall. Ian turned 18 (he’s a high school junior) and also received an academic award! Can’t forget Mother’s Day. John and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. It’s my baby sister’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Terri!). I previously mentioned receiving my book cover for HOT FLASH.

And I haven’t even mentioned going to Weeki Wachee or the fantastic visit with my sisters!

The month isn’t even over yet! — KC

4 Responses to May is Celebration Month!

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how old the boys are now! It seems like only yesterday they wer ein grade school!

  2. Kathy! You were up here at Weeki Wachee? I’m just down the street – wish I had known… next time stop by and visit!

    BTW – love your blog!

    Hawk (Houston A.W. Knight)

  3. Kathy – I love your site!

    I just read your pitch workshop and did the character name thing – Awesome!

    I also did my M-I-L on the Villain – and it came out pretty close, LOL – just kidding about the Mother-in-law. It really nailed by Characters!

    AWESOME site!! So helpful!
    I will be back as a regular! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    Hawk (Houston A.W. Knight)

  4. Vicki: Yes, they have grown up!!! It’s so sad that it happened in half of the usual time 😉

    Hi Hawk! Yes, I was visiting. Sorry I missed seeing you when I was so nearby!

    I’m glad you liked my pitch workshop and my site!

The Great Graduation Event

My oldest son, Andrew (and his girlfriend Kat), graduated from the University of Central Florida last Friday, May 2nd. My sisters, Robin, Terri, and Karla (along with Karla’s husband and daughter) flew in from Dallas for the event.
Here’s a few photos:

I’ve Got Cover!

I’m very excited because I received the cover of HOT FLASH. I think it’s really cute and fits the story very well! I’d love to know what you think — KC

4 Responses to I’ve Got Cover!

  1. I love the cover. It catches your attention and makes you wonder what the story is. I read a synopsis on your website, and the book sounds like fun.

  2. Thanks so much Tori, Lynn and Cheri!

    I’m truly excited about having my cover now — I’m thinking about making a coffee mug with the cover on it.

    LOL! I’m such a dweeb 🙂 — KC

Great Opportunity

Julie Leto is doing some great giveaways at her blog,! She’s not only giving away a chapter a day of her upcoming paranormal romance, PHANTOM PLEASURES, but she’s also sweetening the pot by drawing for a $20 Amazon/Borders gift card per day chosen among those who leave a comment.

Sounds like a great opportunity to me!