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Holiday Party Time

Yes, it’s that time of year again — party, party, party 🙂

On Saturday, TARA held their annual Holiday Party. And yesterday, Joan Johnston hosted a fabulous Bucs Open House. Below are a couple of photos I took while there.

From left to right: Joan Johnston, her luscious mermaid, and Kathy Carmichael.

I’m extremely envious of the view from Joan’s backyard.

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  1. The view is amazing. It reminds me of my sister’s house and her view. I could watch/listen to the water for hours.

Early Reviews

As I mentioned before, my February book, HOT FLASH, has been garnering some wonderful reviews. I’ve been so impressed by how well-written the reviews have been. So while I’m very grateful the reviewers have liked my work — I’ve loved their work, too 🙂

It’s too early for most of the reviews to appear on the web sites, so I’m generally linking to the site rather than the specific review. Here’s a sampling:

5 cups ~ “I love, love, love this book! Ms. Carmichael has written a sensational novel that will leave you laughing throughout all of Jill’s hijinks. Hot Flash is the story of what one woman will go through to give her child all he deserves. The way Jill jumps blindly into dating and comes out smelling like a disaster is hilarious. I especially loved the bikini wax episode. This is a book that has feel good chick flick movie written all over it. Pay attention book and movie fans alike because I would not be surprised to see this on the big screen! A laugh-out-loud treasure of a book for women and mothers of all ages!” ~ Danielle Russell, Coffee Time Romance

Top Pick ~ “Kathy Carmichael’s HOT FLASH is a keeper! It is a journey of discovery and self-acceptance that shows that even when things look to be under control there is still room for surprise. HOT FLASH has heart, and I’m going to read it again. And again. Wonderfully well done!” ~ Kay James, Romance Reader at Heart

Reviewer Top Pick 4.5 Hearts ~ “A pure joy to read.” ~ Terri, Night Owl Romance

4 Stars ~ “Funny and endearing.” ~ Viviane Crystal, Crystal Reviews

Lots of Good News

I should have posted before now, but I did have good things happen after I posted!

I’ve had a number of WONDERFUL reviews come in for HOT FLASH, my Feb book. I don’t have time right now to post snippets, but I’ll be back with them soon 🙂 And trust me, they are AWESOME! I couldn’t be more excited!

Right now my son and I are doing the college applications thang =:0 It’s much more difficult than I thought! 1 down and 2 to go — KC

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Good Feelings

I recently complained to a friend about being such a boring person (all I ever do is write!) and not having much of interest to post to my blog. She advised that I just post about my life. So that’s what I’m going to do.

You’ve been warned!

Sometimes, I get what I call “good feelings.” I don’t mean that I merely feel good, but I feel something good coming to me from elsewhere. Last week I had a “good feeling” and a day or two later I received a “Top Pick” review on my upcoming February book. That was a wonderful good feeling!

The reason I’m writing about this is because I’m having another “good feeling.” This one feels BIG. I’m so excited my hands are shaking 😀 Quite honestly I don’t know when I’ll hear about this good feeling — but I’ll report in when or if I do 🙂 This is not a hint about something I know already, by the way. I don’t know nothin’!

In the meantime, I must chat about having a sick child. I hate having one of my children under the weather and right now one is sick. I’ve been dosing him with cold medication and ibuprofen, which helps, but I truly hate seeing him ill. I’d much prefer it be me. Cold and flu season is here, so it’s time to think about laying in the over the counter medications and getting a flu vaccine! — KC

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  1. I ramble on about my life all the time. People keep reading. Not sure what that says them OR me. *g*

    Can’t wait to hear about the results of your good feeling!

  2. Well, it’s been a month, and I’ve had several lovely things happen! Will blog about them 🙂 — KC

Procrastinator’s Corner

Mea Culpa!

I keep promising to keep up with my blog more often, but life has a way of interfering (or I have a way with procrastination).

So this is a quick post to say I’m alive and breathing! And that I turned my Feb 2010 manuscript in on time. So life is good!

I’ll be back more often! — KC