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Another great review!

This one is from Harriet Klausner! She posted it in several locations on the web, but you can find the full review here. * 5 stars * “A fun wacky suspense thriller”
I’m thrilled 🙂 And I also have to admit that review time is crazy-making for me. I so want people to like my books and once reviews start coming in, I begin craving more. Very sad that I’m such a dweeb!
If you’re an author, is review time crazy-making for you, too?

Lunch with my niece

My niece is in first grade and during my recent trip to Dallas, I was able to have lunch with her. It was great fun!

I’m in the process of cleaning up photos and will be uploading lots in the coming days!

New on Kindle

I’m going to be giving a workshop called Turning Your Talents into Money at the Space Coast Writers Conference in late January. I’ve been collecting information for this workshop, but most of it has been second-hand rather than primary.

Specifically, I have been collecting information on self-publishing e-books. As a result, I decided to add one of my books to Kindle. The book I chose is one of my favorites and is based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. If you’ve ever heard of a locked-room mystery, I consider this a locked-room romance. It was so much fun to write! The book is Angel Be Good.

I had previously offered Angel Be Good as a fund-raiser for the Humane Society, so it seemed like the perfect book for this experiment since it had already been professionally edited and formatted for e-publishing. It had also been given positive reviews by several online book review sites.

I created my own book covers using public domain stock photography. I’m not saying I did a very good job at this, but again, this is an experiment. I created two different covers — the first features an angel and the second Christmas ornaments. I originally uploaded the first, but hopefully the second will replace it shortly. Here is the Angel cover:

Which cover do you like the best?

Click here for the the link to the Kindle page.