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I’ve been really bad about not updating my blog and I promise to be better in the future! The good news, however, is that I’ve been madly scribbling new stories and I hope to have some good news before too long 🙂 Please check out my post on the fabulous 2 B Read blog: 2… Continue Reading

High School Graduation

My nephew, Perry’s graduation was lots of fun. I particularly liked the theme of the Salutatorian’s address to the grads: don’t wait for your future to happen to you — go out and make your future. The above photo is of Perry, Terri (his mom), Paul (his dad), and Jordan (his sis). I’ll be uploading… Continue Reading

Drive-Thru Zoo!

To see more photos from Fossil Rim on Wednesday: Click Here. Included in the photos are my sister, cousin, nephew, niece, and son 🙂 Perry’s graduation ceremony tonight was great. I’m hoping to upload photos of him tomorrow, but that’ll have to be after we return from the Ft Worth Zoo — KC Continue Reading

Texas Two-Step

I’ve been out of town since last Friday. First I went to Houston for the RWA Strategic Planning Retreat and mini board meeting. On Sunday evening I flew to Dallas to spend time with my family for a week. My son Ian is with me. My nephew Perry graduates from high school today (Thursday) and… Continue Reading