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¡Hola, chiquitas!

I’m going to be doing a blog tour in the coming weeks and some of you might be interested in attending some of my scheduled events as well. February 21st is the beginning of my 5 state Southern Grits Book Tour and I’m hoping some of you will attend one of my engagements! I’ve added… Continue Reading

Holiday Party Time

Yes, it’s that time of year again — party, party, party 🙂 On Saturday, TARA held their annual Holiday Party. And yesterday, Joan Johnston hosted a fabulous Bucs Open House. Below are a couple of photos I took while there. From left to right: Joan Johnston, her luscious mermaid, and Kathy Carmichael. I’m extremely envious… Continue Reading

Early Reviews

As I mentioned before, my February book, HOT FLASH, has been garnering some wonderful reviews. I’ve been so impressed by how well-written the reviews have been. So while I’m very grateful the reviewers have liked my work — I’ve loved their work, too 🙂 It’s too early for most of the reviews to appear on… Continue Reading

Lots of Good News

I should have posted before now, but I did have good things happen after I posted! I’ve had a number of WONDERFUL reviews come in for HOT FLASH, my Feb book. I don’t have time right now to post snippets, but I’ll be back with them soon 🙂 And trust me, they are AWESOME! I… Continue Reading

Good Feelings

I recently complained to a friend about being such a boring person (all I ever do is write!) and not having much of interest to post to my blog. She advised that I just post about my life. So that’s what I’m going to do. You’ve been warned! Sometimes, I get what I call “good… Continue Reading