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Heroine: Virginia Hero: Rock
To achieve financial and emotional security. To get a promotion to partner at the architectural firm where she’s employed. To be a success in the eyes of his family. To get a promotion to partner at the family architectural firm.
As a child of a hippie, she never had security. She doesn’t know who her father is, leading her to trust issues (take care of yourself because men cannot be trusted). She’s worked hard and deserves it. She needs the money a promotion will bring because her mother just borrowed the last of her savings. His bossy mother always told him he’d never amount to anything. His measure of success is partner in the family business. His family thinks he’s a screw-off. He’s embarrassed because he works for family company yet hasn’t made partner.
She needs to achieve EMOTIONAL security as well as physical and that means allowing a man to get close to her when she has trust issue. The grandson of the company founder is in competition for the same position and deserves it because of raw talent. Although he’s attracted to heroine, she’s bossy like his mother and stands in his way to the partnership. The heroine is competition for the same position and deserves it because of her hard work.

Logline/theme statement: The laid-back hero and anal retentive heroine are forced to share a hotel suite and collaborate in order to win the promotion for which they are in competition. Will their rivalry turn to dislike or to something more lasting—and sensual?