The good news: I sold a book to Medallion Press! HOT FLASH will be a February 2009 release! I’m very excited and will post more news later.

The bad news: I took a spill on an uneven floor at Starbuck’s and went flying. It was like a pratfall on some TV show. I landed shoulder/arms/right elbow first on the ground, but began sliding on the ceramic tiles for several feet, into a coffee display, where my right hand wedged under it, stopping my forward progress. The display swayed, spewing coffee and accoutrements everywhere. It was so embarrassing! Now I’m having problems typing because of injured arms and shoulder, but Starbuck’s has been very nice and mailed me a gift card. Someday I might not be so embarrassed I can actually return. In the meantime, I see the doc on Thursday. But it’s making writing a bigger challenge than usual!

More good news: I’m attending the Craft Of Writing Workshop sponsored by the Emerald Coast Writers in Ft Walton Beach. I’m looking forward to meeting my new Medallion Press editor and visiting with writing pals, Vicki Hinze and Elizabeth Sinclair.

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